Roofing repairs


If you've just found a serious problem with your roofing don't worry give us a call and we will be on site as soon as possible, just state that it is an emergency and we will come and assess the problem.  

Once we arrive then we will assess the problem to see what we can do and if it needs any non-stocked parts. 


Once the situation has been assessed action will be taken immediately to resolve the problem.

If non-stocked parts and materials are required the work will be made temporarily safe with completion as soon as possible - usually the same or following day.

Roof repair gallery

Roof repairs

Our roofers have massive experience and expertise in renewing or repairing all types of roofs.

The roofers are highly skilled, fully qualified, and fully insured in the unlikely case of accidents. They will undertake everything from a small leak to a completely new roof with the utmost care and competence.

The roofers can repair, clean or fit guttering, downpipes, fascias and soffits and can fully insulate all types of roof, including pitched and flat roofs.  This makes our roofers highly experienced over the many years that we have been working for.

The roofers always ensure minimum disruption and that they leave your property clean and tidy following their visit.

The work we do

If further works that are unrelated to the emergency are required they can be carried out at our hourly rate or an estimate can be given for larger jobs.

We work cleanly and efficiently with minimal disruption, and will always ensure we leave your premises clean and tidy following our visit.

Chimney Repairs

Don't neglect the chimney! 

Chimneys take the brunt of the weather and it pays to have it inspected to ensure it is in a good stable condition.

The rain will eventually weaken the mortar causing it to crack and wear away.  All that may be necessary is to have it re-pointed and will be cheaper in the long run than leaving it to a point where the bricks may loosen and in some circumstances, if neglected, cause the chimney to fall.  This could lead to roof damage and put passers by in danger or damage vehicles.

mortar showing signs of erosion

Re-pointing the chimney


Chimney pot

Removed the old chimney pot

Replaced the chimney pot and re-set